Your Questions About Global Access Internet Services

Linda asks…

What type of information is visible to internet providers?

This is a technical question – I respect anonymity and would like people to respect mine – what type of data is visible to them? Urls, emails, search engine entries? How much does it help using anonymous free proxy service web sites like Please don’t post any urban legends, I need professional IT information 🙂 Thank you!
Just to add: I’m asking about MY internet proviider and I live in the UK. Could you tell me if there is a way so that my ISP wouldn’t see my urls, emails and searches? Are annonymous proxy websites not good for that? I just hate the thought of someone going through my stuff and my private life!

T1Wizard answers:


I used to work in the IT & computer industry (10 years +) and am MCSE trained. OK! To try and answer this question is challenging because its a complex subject area. So its difficult to know how much detail you want, it all does get abit scary at times.

No.1 an ISP will obviously know who you are by your account details & through the way you pay for your service. So they already have name & address & bank and payment details. That’s standard if you like.

No.2 The ISP will know when you last logged into their network & how long your connection session was (i.e. 20mins or 20days).

No.3 The ISP will know your unique IP address of your machine on the network, or if the IP is dynamic then which IP you had during your connection session.

No.4 YES! An ISP has to now keep by law archived or backup copies of internet related activities and these include all emails & websites (URLS) you’ve visited in the last 5years. How they can do this is another less clear question.

This is specifically incases where the police are trying to track online fraude or child porn users & sites. I.e anything illegal. But police have to make a formal request to the ISP for that access, they cannot just turn up and demand it without a good reason.

**Emails should be treated as if anyone could read them at anytime, so dont say anything in them that you dont want others to know about. **This has caute out ALOT of people in the past.

**ALL emails in the world are said to pass through “Eshilon” (not sure if thats how its spelt?) which is a global system of information gathering setup by the US goverment and was supposed to be secret but isnt any more of course. In other words its a global spying network? It listens for key kinds of information. Its based on several continents & includes the UK, australia & USA and few other places I cannot recall right now. Oh! Its 24/7 and 365 days of the year. Oh! And its ALL global communications NOT just the internet or emails, phone calls, mobile phones,etc,etc. Scary if its true?

**YES! You can use encryption & PKI methods such as PGP software to protect your privacy when using emails. But its NOT a simple task to setup and you have to have a reasonably good grasp of how it works before you use it. I’ve played around with it and its very impressive.

**YES! Annonymous proxies can protect others from knowing which sites you ultimately visited but its still clear to your ISP that your using a proxy server. But having said that they cannot stop you, its your choice. But another way to look at it, is if your using a proxy you must have something to hide,etc. See I told you its a complex subect area.

I could talk alot more about this topic but I think I’ve said enough for now, hope that helps?

Regards to you!


Joseph asks…

How can I get Sattelite Internet Access ?

I decided to move to the countryside in Morocco, and there are no land lines there or 3G Coverage! I wanna have Sattelite Internet so How can I do that?

Is it right that Satellite Internet is so slow while uploading?

T1Wizard answers:

Well, there are some pros and cons to satellite internet. But most of the time, the good trumps the bad. You can look for a satellite service provider. Here in Australia, we have NewSat who provides different solutions. Maybe you can try them since they have global coverage as well. They’re extremely reliable because even the US Military avails of their services. Now on the question of whether satellite internet uploading is slow, it depends on the applications you have.

Ruth asks…

How likely is it that an i-Reichstag Fire will happen leading to prolific Western i-authoritarianism?

On one side, there are those who (probably like Google), are committed to the free flow of information so that the information can be used by them.
On the other side, there are those who hate/fear that anybody can find out anything they want on the internet, and indeed tell other people about it all over the world.
So will there be an i-event which will be used as an excuse to crack down on the internet?

T1Wizard answers:

Of course there will. There already has. These hoax crashing of government sites by China are all orchestrated as false flag events to bring in the Cyber-security legislation. You are barking up the wrong tree with Google however. They are a sub-company of an original company set up by the CIA. They have also just gone into collaboration with the National Security Agency in the US.

The goal is to create an Internet2 (google that) whereby the internet will be relaunched on new servers controlled by the main media companies. You will then be sold access packages of limited numbers of sites. If you want free run you will pay a fortune which will cut most people out of the truth for free on the net you have now. Also they want your anonymity gone and all to have a net ID.

This is the goal of the surveillance grid and the goal of keeping the truth away from the masses who will simply accept the free limited access net package.

To do this they will initiate a series of massive fake cyber attacks. It should be noted that the only people with the resources and capability to do these attacks are our own intelligence services.

It is the same modus operandi that has been used in 200 declassified events that have enabled governments to implement draconian legislation or take us into wars like Vietnam, Suez, Korea, WW1, WW2, Iraq, Afghanistan, and soon to be Iran.

Almost all the world’s media is owned by around 5 multinationals. It’s content is carefully controlled and edited to the agenda of te owners and their global elite buddies. The internet is killing them as it peddles the truth and the media has lost 50% of it’s viewers because of the blatant lies. This is why they must stop the internet

Sandy asks…

What is a marginally interesting website I can waste time on?

I officially have nothing to do on the internet anymore and I still need it to kill time at work / around the apartment when the girlfriend is steaming pissed. Sooo….fire away.

T1Wizard answers:

Http:// let you keep links to your favorite articles, blogs, music, restaurant reviews, and more and access them from any computer on the web. Share favorites with friends, family, and colleagues. Discover new things. Everything on is someone’s favorite – they’ve already done the work of finding it. Explore and enjoy.

StumbleUpon is an intelligent browsing tool for sharing and discovering great websites. As you click Stumble!, you’ll get high-quality pages matched to your personal preferences. These pages have been explicitly recommended (rated I like it) by friends and other SU members with similar interests. Rating these sites shares them with your friends and peers you will automatically ‘stumble upon’ each others favorites sites.

Fav 2.0 is a modern way to use your most visited websites. Set it as homepage and add your most visited sites.

The Ultimate Homepage — All your bookmarks in one place!
Get a unique URL —
Access your bookmarks on any computer anywhere in the world. shows only the absolute best and most popular websites, covering hundreds of topics like news, career, and social networking.
Transferr is a visual, web-based bookmarking service that allows its users to save, customise, organise and share their favourite websites with ease.

Fridge enables anyone to instantly create simple and private social networks to share photos, messages, and events with friends and groups.

BO.LT lets you ”remix” pages and share them with the people you want to reach.
Toonti is a platform that allows you to create your own custom social network.
Create, publish and manage easily your community on your website. Get your own social network in a very short time.
Pearltrees lets you organize the web your way. Use pearltrees to keep at hand the contents you find everyday on the web, to discover new contents from people who share your interests, to drive through your own web.
Your single Swimwire page can list and link all your online profiles, making it easier to stay connected. Your free profile can automatically connect with sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube to bringing all your social networks together to one place. Help people find you, anytime, anywhere, online.
Bebo is a social media network where friends share their lives and explore great entertainment. Members can stay in touch with their College friends, connect with friends, share photos, discover new interests and just hang out.
SocialGO lets you easily create and run a feature-filled social networking website. You choose who can join, what they can do and how it looks. The best part is it’s free to get going.

Discover, create and use social networks to get things done Socialtext People gives you social networking with your colleagues at work.
Instead of being centered on individuals, MIXTT is centered on groups. Essentially, you and your group of friends meet another group of friends.
Sixent makes it easy for people to share their lives online the way they want by giving users the ability to create multiple profiles to show different sides of themselves to different people. These profiles are tied to pages, groups and content (like blog posts, photos and videos) that users can selectively share with their diverse contact network.

mixxt helps you create your own social network. Just as you would like it: Design, features, lots of privacy and many more options.
Friendster is a leading global online social network focused on helping people stay in touch with friends and discover new people and things that are important to them.

On Netlog, you can create your own account with pictures, blogs, a guestbook, and much more. You can find people from your area, expand your friends network, or find people having the same interests as you.
Six groups enables you to start your own community, about every topic, available to everyone – it’s fast, easy and for free.

Microblogging has taken the world by storm. Millions of people around the world now share their thoughts with friends, family, and random strangers every day.
Band together with friends and colleagues to exchange ideas, network, and collaborate in real time private communities.
Omgili is a search engine designed to index web-based discussion forums. Omgili’s unique algorithm analyzes forums not as a simple web page, but as an active discussion with a title, topic and replies.

William asks…

What is the difference between the Internert and the WWW?

I’m not computer illiterate (I got here, didn’t I?), but have never really understood the difference between the Internet and the WWW.
And is anyone in charge of managing these institutions, or are they self-perpetuating?


T1Wizard answers:

The World Wide Web is a so-called “service” of the Internet.

A good analogy would be that the Internet is to “automobiles in general” as the World Wide Web is to a “Toyota”.

You can have Internet access and not use the World Wide Web, but you cannot use the World Wide Web without Internet access.

The “Internet”, with a capital letter “I”, refers to the global collection of connected networks that we use for communications.

The “World Wide Web” refers to the process of sending and receiving web pages or other files via HTTP.

Most Internet traffic is caused by other uses of the Internet, such as DC++, BitTorrent, FTP and email.

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Your Questions About How To Build A Phone System

Jenny asks…

How do I get voice mail from Bellsouth 8801X corded phone?

We don’t have the manual, the phone was given to us by my brothers ex girlfriend. Our phone crapped out, so we have yet to get a new one, stuck with this one at the moment. Anyways, we don’t have phone service through bellsouth, we just have a phone made by them. Any ideas?

T1Wizard answers:

As I am sure you know this phone does not have a built in recorder. You dial the number supplied to you by your phone company to access their voice mail system. You might try dialing *98, that works for Qwest and some parts of AT&T. If there is a tone/pulse switch on the phone, it will need to be in the tone position to navigate the menu. Hope this helps.

Lisa asks…

What is the purpose of Java on a cell phone?

I just got a Motorola RAZR v3xx, and I noticed that sometimes, for example, when I am playing a game that came preloaded with the phone, a Java sign appears on my phones display. Now, I am wondering, does using Java indicate that I am using the internet on my phone? Because if it does, it'll mean that I'll be spending a lot of money paying for internet charges due to the extensive amount of time I spend playing games on my cell phone.
Thanks for your input!

T1Wizard answers:

The language, widely considered to be the most popular platform for web development, derives much of its syntax from C and C++ but has a simpler object model and fewer low-level facilities. JavaScript, a scripting language, shares a similar name and has similar syntax, but is not directly related to Java.

Sun Microsystems provides an open source implementation of a Java compiler and Java virtual machine and most of the class library in compliance with the specifications of the Java Community Process, available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Java ME has become a popular option for creating games for cell phones, as they can be emulated on a PC during the development stage and easily uploaded to the phone. This contrasts with the difficulty of developing, testing, and loading games for other special gaming platforms such as those made by Nintendo, Sony, and others, as expensive system-specific hardware and kits are required, check out the APOL Singapore store if you are in the look out for gaming equipment.

This JSR will build upon the success of MIDP2 by enhancing the Profile with the following additions/changes:

Enable and specify proper behavior for MIDlets on each of CLDC, CDC, and OSGi, for example:
Enable multiple concurrent MIDlets in one VM
Specify proper firewalling, runtime behaviors, and lifecycle management issues for MIDlets
Enable background MIDlets (e.g. UI-less)
Enable ?auto-launched? MIDlets (e.g. Started at platform boot time)
Enable inter-MIDlet communications
Enable shared libraries for MIDlets
Tighten spec in all areas to improve cross-device interoperability
Increase functionality in all areas. E.g.
Improve UI expressability and extensibility
Better support for devices with larger displays
Enable MIDlets to draw to secondary display(s)
Enable richer and higher performance games
Secure RMS stores
Removable/remote RMS stores
Multiple network interfaces per device
Specify standard ways for doing MIDlet provisioning through other means (e.g. OMA (SyncML) DM/DS, Bluetooth, removable media, MMS, JSR-232, etc.)
Extensive device capabilities query
Localization & Internationalization (if appropriate, integrating/augmenting JSR-238 as needed)
A key design goal of MIDP3 will be backward compatibility with MIDP2 content.


Betty asks…

On Nokia and other mobile phones how can it be possible to receive more than the limit of 250 e-mail messages?

I only know of Blackberry mobile phones to receive more than 250 e-mails.I would like to know how it is possible to receive more e-mail messages on (especially on Nokia) other mobile phones.Thank you for your attention.

T1Wizard answers:

You are usually restricted by the built in software or operating system on the phone itself. If your checking a web based email service like Yahoo or Hotmail you can just go to the phones browser and access your email online to view the additional email messages.

Mary asks…

How to improve cordless phone signal strength?

I just swsitched corless phones for my house and the signal is pretty crackly. I was wondering if there is a way to improve the signal strength.

T1Wizard answers:

Get the Panasonic DECT 6.0 with build-in router and firewall....!


Panasonic KX-TG8232 Includes:

* 1 Base / Cordless Handset
* 1 Extra Handset / Charger (KX-TGA820)

* New DECT 6.0 Technology
o Interference Free Communication
o Increased Clarity / Enhanced Security
o Wider Range / Network Friendly
* 1.9GHz Cordless Phone
o Frequency Dedicated for Cordless Phones by the FCC
o 30% Battery Life Increase Over 5.8Ghz

* Single Line Operation
* Caller ID w/ Visual Call Waiting
* 18 Minute Digital Answering System
Call Screening / Intercept
Full Remote Operation
Time / Day Stamp
* Expandable Up To 6 Handsets
* 3-Way Conferencing
* 1.5" 65K Full Color LCD Display
3 Line, 128 x 128 pixels
* LED For Call & Message Waiting Indicator
* Illuminated Keypad
* 50 Station Name / Number Caller ID Memory
* 50 Station Phone Directory / Dialer
* Adjustable Screen Contrast
* 4-Step Handset / Headset Volume Control
* 6-Step/Off Ringer Volume Control Handset/Base
* Intercom
* Page / Handset Locator
* Chain Dial
* 15 Selectable Ringtones
* Soft-Key Menus w/ Joystick Navigation
* One-Touch Speed Dial
* 5 Number Redial
* Mute
* Flash
* Handset to Handset Call Transfer
* Date / Time Display
* Barge-In / Privacy Mode
* Personalization / Customization Wallpaper
* Clock & Alarm
* Any Key Answer
* Bilingual Menu Support (English / Spanish)
* Up To 17 Hours Talk Time
* Up To 180 Hours Standby Time
* 7 Hour Charge Time
* Battery Charging Indication
* 2.5mm Headset Jack
* Wall Mountable

Steven asks…

Whats the best navigation system to put in my 350z?

I just bought a 2003 Nissan 350z and it did not come with a navigation system. My head unit is damaged so I want it to be a cd player/mp3 player also What would be best thing to put in my little cubby hole? I have a budget of about 700-800 dollars for this little fix also.

T1Wizard answers:

Buy a decent compass and then get a good map or set of maps to go along with the compass. What do you NEED another electronic device for anyway? It is just another thing to take your eyes off the road, to distract you from concentrating on your driving, like cell phones already do with so many on the road. So the answer is: the best navigation system is a compass and a decent map and you can get both for under $20 total! As for the cd/mp3 player, why buy a new one if you already have one? And why buy a GPS with a built-in cd/mp3 player? As I understand it from a couple combined mp3/gps units I've seen, you can't play tunes while using the gps and you can't use the gps part if you are playing the tunes. Get a little FM transmitter for about $20 which plugs into the earphone jack and play the tunes through your car radio. And hey, wonder of wonders, you can listen to the tujnes WHILE you are using the compass and map!

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Your Questions About Internet And Phone Service Providers

John asks…

Internet based phone service reliable?

Are these internet based phone service such as Vonage reliable?

I guess if internet goes out phone service goes out right?

Are there any problems with connection time, speed, sound quality etc.?

And which service would you recommend.

I like to “ditch” AT&T so bad, but I’m kind of afraid to do it.

I guess I have a cell phone if internet service goes out I guess.

T1Wizard answers:

There is only 1 reason to switch to VoIP… To Save Money!
You can save tons of money using VoIP rather than PSTN phones.
If you already have a cell as your backup comms and 911, then I say go for it…… Get VoIP!

Yes, there are reliability issues related to using VoIP.
Yes, if Internet goes down, so does your VoIP phone, too.

These days, Internet connections are highly reliable…. At least where I live in Alberta, Canada. Over past 4 years I have had DSL Internet, and now Cable Internet….. Both have been Very Reliable with no down-time, that I can recall, in past couple years.

“Most” reliability issues people have with VoIP is Not with service providers, but with your Equipment Hardware, such as Modems, Routers and ATA VoIP telephone adapters. Most VoIP services sell you VoIP hardware made from the same big-name manufactures (perhaps re-branded for their service name), such as Linksys, Motorola, Grandstream, etc. The equipment is reliable, BUT problems usually arise due to “configuration” problems that don’t work for a particular situation or circumstance. It helps to have a little tech-savvy when problems arise….
Problems can be compounded when your equipment is Wireless-G. So, it comes down to how tolerant you are about dealing with technical issues when things go awry or need a little “tweaking”.

I am currently using VoIP 100% for all my phone calling.
I officially pulled the plugh on Ma Bell six months ago and hope to never go back. The savings are substantial. I get a lot more features and flexibility at a much lower price…. How can one ask for more?

I use InPhonex as my “primary” home-phone VoIP service provider. They provide E911 where I live in Canada, even though InPhonex is a USA-based company. (find link through my profile)
I have their “LiteLine” service for $7.95/month.
I use CallCentric as my “secondary” home-phone VoIP service. I have a local-area phone number for $1.95/month + 1.5 cent/min incoming and 1.9 cent/min outgoing calling + all bells & whistles for free that Ma Bell charges an arm&leg for.

CallCentric is BYOD (bring your own ATA adapter).
So, I purchased my own Linksys PAP2T phone adapter through VoIP Depot in Canada. I configured the PAP2T for InPhonex on the adapter Line-1, and configured it for CallCentric on Line-2. So, I have just 1 VoIP adapter configured to work with 2-separate VoIP service providers.

CallCentric and InPhonex provide free softphones so you can use their services with a PC too. Or, use a 3rd party configurable softphone with their service, such as CounterPaths’s “X-Lite” free downloadable softphone.

For alternative softphones and PC calling I also use Gizmo Project (now Gizmo5), Skype, Efonica, and Hotfoon.

So, even if you don’t pull the plug on AT&T completely, you can use VoIP to save tons of money on long-distance calling alternative.

Lisa asks…

Internet Service w/o Phone Line?

I was wondering what is the best wireless/dsl internet that I could get without having a home phone! I pay for a home phone that we do not use I don’t even have a phone hooked up to the jack! Would love to save money!

T1Wizard answers:

The best home internet services are either Fiber such as At&t U-Verse and Verizon FiOS or Cable from providers like Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, etc.

DSL Internet service is a little cheaper, but considerably slower than it’s cable and fiber counterparts.

If you want DSL, most providers such as Verizon, At&t, Qwest and others offer what is known as naked or dry DSL.

Any DSL connection still requires copper phone lines between the DSL modem and the phone company. What DRY DSL does is eliminate the need for a active phone line, thus reducing your cost.

As far as wireless goes, you just connect a wireless router to your cable or DSL modem to provide wireless broadband Internet to WiFi enabled devices such as laptops, iPods, smartphones, Wii, etc.

Service providers vary in pricing and service levels by geographic area. I suggest you find a comparison site that lets you input your address, and compare the pricing and terms of the offers that are available in your area.

The physical address is needed because some services, particularly DSL, are very distance sensitive. For example you might be able to get a specific level of service while your next door neighbor can’t.

You’ll want to pick the fastest plan that fits your budget. In some areas this can be 100Mbps+. But these high end broadband plans are expensive. You may find that something in the 3 to 30 Mbps range might satisfy your needs at a much lower cost.

Choose the best one for your Internet usage and budget.

Good Luck…

Sandra asks…

Who’s the best cable, internet, and phone provider in PA?

I’m moving to the Allentown area in the next month, and I’m setting up all my utilities and services before we arrive so that everything will be in place. I was wondering, who’s the best provider of cable, internet service, and phone service in the area? I’m getting so many different choices, I figured I’d ask the Y.A. community for their personal recommendations. Thanks a lot.

T1Wizard answers:

AT&T U-Verse is the absolute best in my opinion. We’ve had out digital TV service, high speed internet, and phone with them for the past year and a half and we are very satisfied with their service and pricing. Give them a call at 1-877-363-1762 10a – 8p Est, they give $300 cash back to new customers.

Chris asks…

Home Internet Service Provider?

We have at&t internet at my house and it really sucks, Its slow, and goes out ALL THE TIME. What is another home internet service provider that has a reliable connection and good speed for a decent price? Any other phone carriers? I just need to get rid of at&t, their service is horrible. Thanks 🙂

T1Wizard answers:

Did you try contacting AT&T and reporting the problems. Sound like it could be a problem with the line. Any bad connection from your house to their main connection box could be causing those problems.

This happened to me once and AT&T replaced the line from the pole to the house, put a new box on the house plus replaced about two blocks of line. Missed a day of internet but it worked great after that.

You can contact your Cable company for faster internet but it will cost more.

Michael asks…

Internet service?

Hi, I live in a town called Hinesville Ga. and we only have one phone Co.I ordered internet service from another provider and was happy until I was told by my local phone Co. that if I continued to use the provider than I would be billed for each call to the internet provider because it was a bussiness and I would have to pay for the calls even though I have unlimited long distance. Is this legal because i have been paying a lot for the service I have and I really cannot afford it. BUT….. I need my computer because it is my link to the world as I am disabled. Thank you for any help or answers you can provide.

T1Wizard answers:

I would suggest that first you request a written copy of the terms and conditions of your service plan from your phone company. Next, you should find the section that defines charges for business calls. I never heard of charges that depend on if the called party is a business.
Any questions can go to the Georgia Public Service Commission.

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Office 365 vs. Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server

A lot of companies have jumped the gun by migrating from Exchange Server to Office 365.  One attraction is the pricing structure, which can come in around half of that of Microsoft’s solution.  Some have had to migrate back, which can be a significant drain on time and resources.

CD case cover for Microsoft BackOffice Small B...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One easy way to differentiate between the two is that Office 365 is more geared to compete with GMail, whereas Exchange Server is more relevant to the enterprise market.  Some companies have even fired their sysadmin personnel, not realizing what tasks were being accomplished.  If a company is fairly tech-savvy, Office 365 may make sense, since the rock-bottom pricing doesn’t include any support for:

  • Password Resets
  • New Users
  • SharePoint Customization
  • Mail Filters
  • White Listing

Office 365 has usage limitations of 25MB attachments, 20GB maximum storage, sending limits per month of 500 recipients, total limit of 300 users, and no storage pooling.  Additionally, the Office 365 “fine print” states that storage of company data may be at an off-shore location.


Questions About Phone Systems Installation

If you have questions about phone systems and their installation, look no further! We have all the info you might need here. We put together a list of frequently asked questions when it comes to services such as commercial voip lines, their capabilities, and what it entails to get a system of this type running. The amount of consumers who make the switch to commercial voip phone lines choosing it to conventional phone services is currently on the rise worldwide.

Michael asks…

How does Asterisk work?


I need help setting up Asterisk in the following scenario:

There are two phone lines with two different numbers, and 4 phone sets, each of them connected to both the lines. We want to set up a phonesystem using Asterisk. (or a similar software solution).

What equipments do we need?
We will have to install the Asterisk software, so obviously we need a computer, which we have.

However, it seems Asterisks doesn’t support Windows, where as our computers are Windows based. What should be done in this case?

Let’s say we have been able to install the Asterisk software, by using a linux computer. Now that we have the computer with the needed software installed, what should be the next step?

Currently we have regular land phone lines, and want voip lines. We aret intend to subscribe to any voip phone line.

Given the above scenario, what equipments/tools will we need to set up Asterisk for our regular phone lines, to facilitate a phonesystem?

Just for clarification, when I say Asterisk, i meant the following software:

T1Wizard answers:

Asterisk is available for Linux or Windows.  What you want to do may require a specialist, but if you feel qualified and up to the challenge, here are some steps and resources for you.

  1. Download and install the latest release from or (64 bit downloads also available).
  2. Refer to the following resources to learn to configure and troubleshoot the Asterisk system:
    • Online documentation
    • The O’Reilly book, Asterisk: The Future of Telephony will walk you through the process of configuring your first Asterisk system.
    • Digium‘s Knowledge Base is a basic starting point for support and troubleshooting.
    • Documentation in Digium’s Support Center offers basic configuration examples for Digium hardware.
    • Community support
    • Mailing Lists  – Participation in the mailing lists is recommended for anyone with a serious interest in implementing or coding for Asterisk. The list is self-moderated and the views expressed are not necessarily the views of Digium or the greater Asterisk Community. Read the rules before posting.
    • Real-Time Chat  – The thousands of Asterisk users from around the world on the IRC Asterisk chat channel can provide useful information, advice and troubleshooting help. It is an excellent place for Asterisk users to meet to discuss Asterisk and receive support from knowledgeable users.  Join #asterisk, port 6667, on the FreeNode IRC network (
    • Forums – The Forums are useful for new users to get their questions answered by other community users who choose to use the forums as a resource for communication. Most standard and basic questions have been asked, so make sure you do a search first. 

Betty asks…

Stumped on how to get multiple phones working well in house that’s had phone lines made inoperative.?

Just moved into new house. Our ISP (Charter) installed cable modem for phone use. However, technician discovered none of the existing phone jacks in the house work. He suggested getting cordless phones, one with base at modem and others throughout house. Problem is at fartherest part of house from base, there’s no connection to base. Getting the old phone wiring in this older house to work again may be a big deal. Would appreciate suggestions on how to get other phones working well. Is there a router made for this situation? Thanks!

T1Wizard answers:

Using  a tone generator and probe, trace the wires in your home (using the tone generator and probe) most likely they are all going to be run to a network interface device or patch panel. Connect all the wiring that you traced or toned out back together, green to green red to red… If the wiring is older, replace any jacks that look old, painted over, or water damaged.

Old color code for inside wire:
(line 1)
green to green
red to red
(line 2)
yellow to yellow
black to black

New wire color code for inside wire:
(line 1)
blue/white to green
solid blue to red
(line 2)
orange/white to yellow
solid orange to black

If needed, use to find someone qualified to repair your wiring for you.

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Questions and Answers About High Speed Internet Service

Donna asks…

What is the best high speed internet service in the trenton new jersey area?

we currently have netzero and it sucks! We are looking to change but want to know what is the best service? It cant have a lot of server drops and slower than usual speeds. Please help

T1Wizard answers:

Any internet connection that uses fiber optics is the fastest internet speed. Its not cheap, but its worth the money to have it if you are heavy internet user. Verizon Fios is very popular, but has 2 year contracts. You can use our free tool to get a list of internet service providers in your area. Although it’s mostly for business T1 and other business class services, we also recommend this link for residential type service offerings.

Lizzie asks…

Does anyone know of a good high speed internet service in Orlando, Florida?

I need something that is cheap, preferably someone that doesn’t require a deposit or that doesn’t do credit checks.
I have a landline and I also have a cable line, but I don’t have actual cable service.

T1Wizard answers:

Enter your address to get a list of options. You can also order service from the resulting list.

Good luck!

Thomas asks…

What ‘speed’ should I get for my high speed internet service?

Will I really notice a big difference if I get a 500kbps instead of the 4Mbps. How about if I got the 4Mbps instead of the 6Mbps.

My cable company charges different monthly rates depending on what speed internet you choose, so I’m trying to save the most money w/out feeling like I’ve slowed down from what I’m used to, which is currently 6Mbps.

Any advice? Thanks!

T1Wizard answers:

For sending emails, browsing the web:  100kbps-1000kbps

For music download or streaming video or website building/publishing:
1000kbps-4000kbps (4000kbps = 4mbps)

For the highest end applications and if you do a lot of major online stuff you should go with the 6mbps download.  In all cases, upload speeds will be much more limited, e.g., usually 768 KB.  Business class services are symmetrical most of the time, e.g., the same upload/download speed.

Note: All internet companies advertise a set speed they can give you, and generally speaking the speed you actually get is, at best, about 7/8ths of what they tell you, due to network traffic and caps on your network card and the box they send you.  But for business class service, you actually have a dedicated “pipe” to the Internet.

500kbps upload is good enough for someone who just wants to browse the web and look at things and send email… It will cost much less, and will work just fine…

Just because you have a highly fast internet does not mean pages will load quicker, any webpage has a certain amount of data in it, and generally speaking there are not many pages which have more than 500kbps…and most are are optimized for fast delivery.

You can’t go wrong if you get at least 4mbps download. You would be able to do voice online and webcam etc…

Chris asks…

What is the best high speed internet service?

I really do not want dial up, However, DSL and such through places like AT&T or Verizon is not available in the 89506 area code yet. I have been using Charter for about 2 years, and b-4 that I had AOL. What other options are there for good service, along with good customer service and tech support?

T1Wizard answers:

If you can get cable service where you live, this is usually the fastest. DSL service is improving all the time and fios is increasingly available in major metropolitan areas.  Wireless 4G services are expanding all the time, too.

Helen asks…

How can I know if the area I am moving into has high speed internet service without calling Comcast?

I went to the website and they say that this service is not available there but I have to call them for updates. I have At&t now but I am looking for a better deal and service. From Des Plaines to Mount Prospect, Il. Any recomendations?

English: Comcast service van, Ypsilanti Townsh...

T1Wizard answers:

Try this search tool to check on internet and triple-play availability.

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Charter Business Internet

Charter Business is the 4th largest carrier in the US, currently serving 200,000 business locations.  These businesses represent 6 to 7% of the market (withing their existing footprint – shown below).  Their fiber network includes 6500 lit buildings and an additional 8500 near-net locations.Charter Business Internet

Charter Business Internet offers speeds up to 100 Mbps at $279.99 on a 12+ month term.  This is highly competitive to T1 pricing, although the service isn’t synchronous and doesn’t include a service level agreement (SLA).Charter Business Internet Cable Pricing

Charter Business Phone includes an analog telephone adapter, so that existing phones may be connected.  A variety of long distance calling packages are available and over 30 business calling features.  Complete packages are available at $17.77 for 12+ month term.

Charter Business TV includes news, sports, entertainment channels and more.  Over 100 HD channels are available as well as access to commercial-free music.  Pricing for public view starts at $42 for 12+ term.  Hospitality rates are available for businesses such as bars and restaurants and gyms (eat, drink, or sweat locations).

Charter Business Fiber Internet provides symmetric Internet access and includes an SLA and incremental speeds from 2Mbps up to 1Gbps.  The service is scalable in increments as little as 1Mbps.  Optical Ethernet offers point-to-point service and point-to-multi-point configurations.  Ultra-fast Layer 2 WAN connectivity is provided.

A typical analog telephone adapter for connect...

A typical analog telephone adapter for connecting an analog phone to a VoIP provider (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Charter Business T1-PRI offers single or multiple T1s over fiber for interface to PBX and other voice needs.  SIP Trunking has been offered about a year, only delivered to PBX devices.  There about 6 to 8 certified devices that are supported, e.g., Allworx, Shoretel, etc. We offer Advanced telecom systems for DAS installtion and integration.

Contact us for further information and pricing specific to your business needs or visit our main website for quick comparison pricing from up to 30 carriers and service providers.

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US Broadband Growth Slows in Second Quarter

A DSL Modem

A DSL Modem (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although still growing, the rate of increase is down from the same period a year ago.  In the second quarter of 2012, 260,000 new subscribers were added.  This is down from 350,000 added in 2011, and the fewest of any quarter in eleven years of data (as compiled by Leichtman Research Group and reported by Gigacom).

The declining trend of DSL subscribers continued, as the telcos continued to lose market share.  Here are some of the trends:

  • Cable companies added approximately 330,000 subscribers vs. 271,000 in 2011.Cable vs Telco Market Share
  • Telephone companies lost about 70,000 subscribers vs. gaining 80,000 in 2011.
  • AT&T and Verizon added 669,000 fiber subscribers (U-verse and FiOS) and net loss of 763,000 DSL subscribers.
  • Comcast is now the largest broadband provider with 18.74 million subscribers.


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Integra Telecom Expands Ethernet Service

As reported in Fierce Telecom, Integra Telecom has now expanded it’s service footprint for high speed Internet access to several major metropolitan areas including Phoenix, Denver, Boise, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Eugene, Portland, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Santa Rosa.  Their article is quoted below:

Integra Telecom has made its Ethernet over Copper (EoC) service available in 120 Central Offices (CO), a move that enables it to instantly target over 400,000 businesses in its 11-state footprint.

Integra Telecom

Integra Telecom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This latest expansion effort illustrates that Integra has kept to its ongoing expansion plan to offer customers Ethernet in areas where it currently does not have fiber built out yet.

Its current EoC drive is all about providing its Ethernet services to a larger base of new customers, but also accommodating existing multisite large local customers like retail, education and healthcare clients.

Mike Kozlowski, director of product management for transport and data at Integra, said, “With the expansion of Integra’s EoC footprint, many more Integra customers can merge their voice, data and cloud services over one highly scalable network.”

A twisted pair Cat-3 or Cat-5 cable is used to...

A twisted pair Cat-3 or Cat-5 cable is used to connect 10BASE-T Ethernet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With EoC, Integra will deliver bandwidth speeds of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 Mbps increments, with plans to offer a 100 Mbps speed service. In addition to data services, the expanded EoC footprint creates opportunities for the service provider to extend its growing set of managed and IP-based services such as cloud-based security and SIP Trunking to these customers.

The EoC-based service will be, of course, be complemented by its EoTDM (Ethernet over TDM) service out of 300 COs throughout the West.

Besides copper and TDM, Integra continues to be aggressive on the fiber-based Ethernet front with over 2,000 buildings connected to its fiber network. During Q1 2012, the service provider added an additional 129 buildings to its on-net fiber footprint.

With former Level 3 (NYSE: LVLT) executive Kevin O’Hara operating the CLEC as its CEO, a major focus for the service provider will be on continuing to grow out that on-net fiber footprint for Ethernet. In a recent presentation it gave to investors, Integra said that there are about 16,000 additional buildings located within 2,500 feet of its existing fiber footprint. It added that these additional buildings represent almost $245 million in addressable monthly revenue.

For more:
– see the release

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Windstream Expands Into Las Vegas Market

As reported by Fierce Telecom, Windstream will now offer it’s portfolio of IP-based and TDM services  in the Las Vegas Market.  Their article is quoted below:

Image representing Windstream as depicted in C...

Image via CrunchBase

Windstream (Nasdaq: WIN) has brought its enterprise service suite to Las Vegas, a move that will clearly challenge both existing incumbent telco CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL) and cable operator Cox Business that have already been providing business services in Sin City for a number of years.

Area businesses will now be able to access Windstream’s broad service portfolio, one that includes VoIP, SIP trunking, MPLS, and traditional TDM and IP-based Ethernet services. In addition, it will offer its growing base of managed services, cloud computing, disaster recovery and networking services.

Windstream Communications

Windstream Communications (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The expansion into the Las Vegas market and the recent debut of its wholesale switched Ethernet product are two of the service provider’s latest moves to advance its national footing in the medium- and larger-business market segment.

When it completed its acquisition of PAETEC last December, Windstream expanded its business service presence to serve 48 states. Along with Las Vegas, the service provider serves a number of other key cities such as San Diego, Phoenix and Tucson.

The service provider’s emphasis on business services is already showing positive results. In Q1 2012, Windstream reported that the business segment revenues were $897 million, up 3.2 percent from Q1 2011. 

For more:
– see the release

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