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 T1 Internet Service - When is a Business Internet T1 Needed?

Written by: Jim Green - Aug 20, 2018

This article provides an overview of T1 Internet Service for companies that need higher reliability and availability. Since T1 Internet service comes with a service level agreement (SLA), usual availability is much higher than DSL or cable. Also, with T1 Internet service, the upload and download rates are consistent. This is valuable for critical information needs, where limited downtime can be tolerated and productivity depends on consistently fast Internet access. Also, for voice applications a T1 can include quality of service (QOS) to ensure the service levels and consistency required for quality voice traffic.

Many small companies make use of low-cost Internet access methods, such as DSL, cable, and fios. To keep costs down, all of these methods use shared resources to connect users to the Internet itself. In addition, reliability is not assured, athough a "best effort" is made to maintain connection. A business Internet T1 data line, although using the same technology as SDSL, is given a higher value by the telcos. A T1 failing will be repaired within hours whereas a DSL, cable, or fios user might experience a 5 day time to repair.

Telecommunications vendors provide higher-end services, such as business Internet T1 service, in order to address higher reliability and consistency needs in some businesses. As a company grows and adds employees, the value of an Internet connection increases and the company often needs higher availability. Often, the usage and reliance on the Internet also increases as services such as voice, and shared data services are moved to the "cloud." In the neighborhood of 10 employees, a company will find it's telecommunications needs more feasibily served by a business Internet T1 service provider.

Voice over IP (VOIP) has become commonly used as well as various shared data services. Examples include prevalent applications such as SalesForce.com, GoogleApps, and many more. Generally, the quality of information available on the Internet has improved over time, causing more extensive dependence on connectivity to applications and online data sources. Changing business operations and usage all necessitate additional bandwidth and reliability. Sales revenue and productivity of employees can be affected for each minute of downtime. Imagine having no office telephone service for up to 5 days.

Although difficult to measure, timely information or lack thereof can make or break many small enterprises. This is especially true for companies using "cloud computing," where online collaboration and information for daily operations in office calendaring, documents and financial data are only accessible through the company Internet link.

With business Internet T1 service, the SLA offers a "guarantee" of reliability and availability of essential Internet services. Although many don't realize it, a company's Internet connection is an essential resource as more business functions and information needed for daily operations now must have reliable service. An outage even for hours or a few days at a time can be fatal to daily operations or even the enterprise.

As T1 prices continue to decrease and businesses' reliance on connectivity increases, a greater number will turn to the reliability and availability of T1 Internet service for day to day operations. The SLA distinguishes T1 Internet service from less expensive and unreliable DSL, cable, and fios services that are now commonly used. The SLA will be the deciding factor in order that critical operations are maintained, productivity remains high, and acceptable sales and revenue is achieved for survival.

A telecommunications broker can assist in finding the best business Internet T1 service provider in your area.